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SharedMinds Desktop is a Twitter client for Windows
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The mini blogging site Twitter became very popular in the last years, especially due to the ability to post short, relevant information in just 140 characters. An armada of clients for various platforms, tablets, and mobile devices were developed all over the world.
SharedMinds Desktop is a Twitter client for Windows with a lot of features to allow a good management of multiple accounts.
The application is divided into five panels with customizable size, and has a good and clean design.
In the top of the window there is the Tweet pane, where the messages are typed and published. It has a drop-down menu for account selection.
The Navigation panel organizes the different tweets, and lists specific categories, like mentions, direct messages, or updates. There are also options for displaying user lists, search results, or favorites.
The current view manages the displaying options of the tweets feed, arranging them by date, sender, or as a list view.
The All Tweets panel displays the endless flow of messages. URLs, tags, and usernames are displayed as links, and can be open in the Tweet Details Pane. This is an excellent feature, because the user have everything inside the application, with no need to go to a browser for every link open.
The Accounts option allows adding an unlimited number of twitter accounts, the first one added becoming the default one. There are also automatic login options for each account at application startup.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Good design
  • Easy tweets management
  • Multiple accounts


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